Mad Dog & Merrill’s Midwest Grillin’

Nationally recognized and self-proclaimed “Grillologists,” Mad Dog & Merrill, entertain and educate thousands of backyard enthusiasts every year with the finer points of grilling. They want nothing more than to make everyone a better griller and have a ton of fun in the process. Mad Dog & Merrill travel the country performing in front of live audiences, writing cookbooks and making videos to show people how easy it is to be creative and entertain in their own backyard.

Airs Saturdays at 2:30pm.

Right This Minute

RightThisMinute is the only TV dedicated to brining you the best videos from across the web, and the stories behind them.

Watch weekdays at 9AM  CT and on Sunday nights at 10PM CT on MyUTV!


This take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic character has Sherlock Holmes fleeing London for present-day Manhattan after a stint in rehab. He arrives to find that his father has assigned a sober companion to live with him — Dr. Joan Watson, a former surgeon who gave up medicine three years earlier after she lost a patient. Her life now centers around helping addicts stay clean. However, Holmes has his own plan for keeping on the straight and narrow, throwing himself into his work as a police consultant in New York City. The two find that they make a good team and are soon cracking some of the NYPD’s most-difficult cases.

Airs Saturdays at 9pm CT and Sundays at 11pm CT on MyUTV!

Just for Laughs Gags

There’s no sound, but there sure are plenty of laughs. This crazy Quebec-based troupe uses the city as its stage, and its inhabitants, or victims, as characters! People are caught in a twisted yet funny web of comedic deception. This updated “Candid Camera” is a tad more risque and a little kookier with its practical jokes. The little snippets last only a few minutes, and some look more painful than others.

Airs Monday – Friday at 6pm CT on MyUTV!  Check out some highlights from the show below.

Celebrity Name Game

A hilarious new game show that combines the best of pop culture with the best of comedy. Fast-paced and funny, Celebrity Name Game pairs celebrities with contestants in order to identify famous names—actors, singers, athletes, pop culture figures, politicians, even cartoon characters—based on improvised clues.  Hosted by Craig Ferguson.

Airs weekdays at 10pm and 10:30 pm CT on MyUTV!  Beginning September 26th, Celebrity Name Game will also air on Saturdays at 11pm and 11:30pm CT!


Xploration Awesome Planet

Xploration Awesome Planet will inspire and educate anyone interested in earth sciences. Host, Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of legendary Jacques Cousteau, brings boundless energy to every location we visit. From magnificent mountains to violent volcanoes, this program takes an in-depth look at the unique and distinct features on planet Earth. We not only visit gigantic glaciers and behold their beauty but also discover why they formed, and how they shaped our landscape. Geological experts share their wisdom with Philippe, as we strive to understand places on the earth, inside the earth, and above the earth.  Airs Sunday at 11 am CT on MyUTV!